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*didn’t see this until last night so belated reply haha*

deliciouspineapple said: quinn’s got some hips that just won’t LIE

This is also true ahahahaha

I installed that animation switch that gives males the female animations as a joke (and b/c honestly the differences in the animations was so redic to start with), but I’m so used to it now, Quinn looks a little weird to me when he isn’t flouncing about hahaha

So yeah XD

10.111:14 AM

More of Quinn’s canon prologue.

1 note10.111:03 AM

oh god

so many carlos/cecil feels

so many


10.110:57 AM

omg trying to get through last night’s WTNV episode this is the fourth or fifth time b/c I kept falling asleep last night and this morning ahahaha

1 note10.110:43 AM

like any time someone changes their hair it is awful for me b/c I am like  ”who aaare yoooooou?” ahaha

10.12:25 AM

also this is gonna sound terrible—is that default carver’s headmorph or not

i am so used to seeing him with black hair his face looks completely different to me

10.12:24 AM

anidragon said: I had that happen to Carver once without even modding. He just showed up a the last battle with white hair. (It was spiky haired Carver, so I joke that he went Super Saiyan)

omg do you have pictures of this!? ahahahahaha

10.12:21 AM

canon Quinntus Hawke storyline omg

1 note10.12:04 AM

shaking b/c for the first time my game is actually going according to canon

10.11:48 AM

kay now i just need to get Sophie’s choice mod working…

10.112:52 AM


3 notes10.112:51 AM

ok ok ok i see my problem i was not actually saving the .mor file changes

now i just need to pack them into an erf file right?? or can i just leave the .mor file in my override folder?

10.112:46 AM
…… *glares*

…… *glares*

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