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top!Fenris=me gusta


I mean, I know that top!Fenris is less popular compared to bottom!uke!blushblush!puppyeyed!Fenris, but it’s not that shocking, isn’t it? D8

Why do I keep on receiving comments like “It’s nice seeing Fenris topping for once”????

The saddest words put together in the English language.

I also feel compelled to post this beautiful syber arts <3

Click link to embiggen!

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    I have no art on my boys but Fenris indeed tops my wibble!Garrett who is very willing and compliant in the endeavour :3
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    If I were at home and not posting from my mobile I’d add my Marric commission as well. Because oh man does Fenris top...
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    Fenris as top as a rarity seems so bizarre to me. Personally I’m a fan of my pairings switching it up anyways, but I...
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    Awww, thank you! I have lots of FEELINGS about Fenris and everyone else in Dragon Age and I felt the need to share them....
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    Reblogging for additional artistic evidence of toppy!Fenris. Commission I got from Choowy.
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    ^^^^^ I love the above’s opinions. This is why I leave all the in-depth discussion to others. X’D I’ll never be able to...
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    The saddest words put together in the English language. I also feel compelled to post this beautiful syber arts
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    that… i think we can agree...requires more in-depth exploration. possibly illustrative...
  13. kaelio said: I honestly don’t know either. In my mind, Fenris always, always tops Imat Hawke, which is my MHawke of choice. With Garrett Hawke I’ll do back and forth or whatever since those pics are just kinda random things for other folks.
  14. vaporware-femme said: I love toppy Fen Fen. loooooooooooooooooove it. blush blush fen fen usually doesn’t do it for me.
  15. autumnyte said: I always write Fenris as a top too (or an occasional switch). I just can’t see him any other way. It helps that all my Hawke’s are bottom-y as fuck.
  16. peruvianlilybloom said: If it helps I totally made this noise when I saw that Fenris/Al drawing shotguninfinity.tumblr….
  17. hobovampire said: Dude, I figured he’d be very anti-penetration at first considering my headcanon has him as a sexual abuse victim. He’s absolutely toppy for me, and he has control issues and needs to know what is happening at all times or he triggers. T: Hmmm.
  18. lyriumspectre said: fenris is always a top with anders in what i write, but variable with hawke. but never blush-blush, just usually, “i like this, this way.”
  19. khroma said: Clearly the best way to solve this is to draw many more pictures with Al & Fenris.
  20. draggy-s said: becaaaause there’s not enough toppy Fenris on this planet. <3