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game crashed after I finished my first convo with Fenris. Tho I did save right before that lol, so it’s not like I lost THAT much progress.

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a daisy


a daisy

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"Aveline, why won’t you give me a hug?"


"Go away, Hawke"

"Not until you give me a hug!"

"Maker help me."

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i am still on the fence about this mod tbh tho

it is PERFECT PERFECT for Quinn’s eyes but i hate that it messes with the texture for Fenris’s eyes *wails*

and like idk what to do b/c I’m not sure if it’s in the coding somehow or in the texture files themselves s:

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What do you people choose if you see your Grey Warden sibling in Act 2?

Prior to Quinny, or any solid ‘canon’ my answer changed around, quite a bit, but I often chose the option to try and tell Carver or Bethany about Leandra. And looking back it’s so telling either way, no matter what Hawke says. (These may be slightly inaccurate it’s been too long since I picked up the game).

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Tranquil at the Gallows


I was compiling a list of Tranquil dialogue from the Gallows a while back, but I don’t think I ever posted it.

Hearing one comment here and there is easy to handwave, but when looking at them as a compilation, it’s really fucking creepy.

These are all copied directly from the talk tables.

Ambient Tranquil mages:

  • Many mages resent the history of the Gallows. It does not trouble me.
  • The first enchanter does not wish me to sell merchandise. He says I am “too honest.”
  • Many more of us have been given the Rite in recent days.
  • Ser Alrik says the Rite of Tranquility is the only thing that can keep the souls of mages from the Void.
  • I do not understand this desire to be free. We are safe and fed. What more can we want?
  • I am glad to stand here day after day. It is… predictable.
  • I am fortunate to be Tranquil. So many mages are plagued by unrest.
  • I was never given the opportunity for a Harrowing. The knight-commander knew I was too weak.
  • The first enchanter has marked up these potions well beyond the cost of making them. He is trying to earn money for the Circle.
  • The anger from our mages is… unsettling. They would all be at peace if Ser Alrik had lived.
  • We must obey the knight-commander. She knows what is best for us.
  • Ser Alrik rescued me from my sins.
  • So many mages here could be brought peace by the Rite. So few have experienced it.

This is a long post, the rest is under the cut.

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I -need- the rest of these but they are pass protected *sobs and cries*

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Oh Maker…. *Swoons*

Oh Maker…. *Swoons*

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Official Dragon Age 2 companions’ short stories












Thank you! <3

No worries! Aveline’s is, by far, my favorite. <3

Oh yes, Aveline’s is great. I had somehow never read Varric’s before. Nice to have them all in one place.

The fact that Aveline’s father and Isabela give her the same nick name….

*right in the feels gif*

(When did Aveline tell Isa then?)

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Think I’m gonna declare this ‘done’ YAY FOR ME also included: bonus even more painterly, sketchy version

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flutiebear asked, "Carver and/or Merrill, in swimwear /mua ha ha"



merrill no we can’t put the umbrella in the sandbar

wait stop

youre getting sand in my mouf



this is super cute (tho tbh I was totes expecting to see Carver in an old-timey swimming costume +arm floaties b/c he is a love-able dork XDD)


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wtf i have never ever heard him say this omg

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The Hawk and the Wolf by Liger-Inuzuka

Initializing artist’s comments…

We have recently completed the Dragon Age series and found that we have uncharacteristically been feeling romantic the past few days. This piece is a progressive practice on our part in testing our drawing and painting methods.

Fun Fact: In game our Hawke is a Rogue but due to our confusion wore the Mage Champion armor making us believe that that armor was the actual Rogue armor. While we meant to depict a Rogue Hawke, his armor is Mage.

Idk why but somehow I knew that this was a rogue Hawke anyway.

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some quick sketches from the requests left earlier

OCs belong to the people they belong to

<3 <3 <3 le swoon~

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